Basic Safety

1. Keep your firearms and ammunition in the trunk of your car while in the classroom.

2. Always keep firearms unloaded and your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

3. When leaving the range area, ensure all firearms are unloaded and cased.

4. Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times while in the firing area. 

5. Dry firing is permitted from the range only.

6. If you have a jam or malfunction and cannot clear the issue yourself, place the firearm on the bench with the barrel pointed down range. Then, ask a Range Coach for assistance. Do not remove the firearm from the shooting stall.

7. Do not hand a loaded firearm to another person. Place the firearm on the shooting bench and allow them to pick the firearm up from the bench.

8. Commands issued by a Range Safety Officer must be followed immediately. When the command “CEASE FIRE” is given: STOP SHOOTING immediately and REMOVE your finger from the trigger; keep the firearm pointed down range, remove the magazine from your firearm, lock the slide to the rear, and place your firearm on the bench. Wait for further instructions from a Range Safety Coach.

9. Two people maximum per lane – other guests must remain in the retail area and can watch through the viewing windows. Only one shooter may fire at a time.

10. No one is permitted across the firing line at any time. Request a Range Safety Officer to retrieve any equipment that falls beyond the firing line.

11. Use the appropriate size target, placed on the cardboard backing below the black line, to ensure that your shot strikes the backstop and not the floor, ceiling, or target carrier.

12. Shooting at anything other than your own target is prohibited and will subject you to immediate removal from the range. No cross-lane shooting.

13. Report all violations of range rules to range staff.

14.  Be sure your firearm is safe to operate and know how to properly operate it. Please see a Range Safety Coach if you have any questions.

15. Accidental discharges, damages, or injuries (no matter how minor) must be reported to a Range Safety Officer immediately.

Dress Code

This dress code is in place for your safety and to prevent hot brass from making contact with your skin.  We reserve the right to refuse anyone to shoot at our facility for dress code.

16. No open-toed shoes or high heels are permitted on the range. We suggest comfortable tennis shoes.

17. No tank tops, low-cut, see-through, or cropped shirts are permitted on the range. 

18. Pants are to be worn at waist level at all times.

Age Requirements

 All guests  must comply with the following age requirements:

  • Shooters must be a minimum age of 12 years old.
  • Shooters between the ages of 12-17 must be with a parent or legal guardian and under their direct supervision to shoot a handgun or long-gun.
  • All shooters under the age of 18 must be accompanied on the same lane by a parent or legal guardian at all times on the range.

Prohibited Ammunition, Devices, and Materials

The following types of ammunition are NOT permitted on the range:

  • Steel Core
  • Steel or Aluminum Cases
  • Armor Piercing
  • Green-Tip or Tracers
  • Incendiary
  • Black Powder or Muzzleloaders
  • Bird-Shot, Buck-Shot, or any other type of ammunition which includes a Shot type of projectile
  • Any other type of ammunition which is not listed but deemed unsafe by a Range Safety Coach

Slugs ARE permitted to be used in Shotguns.

No bump-stocks or binary triggers are permitted on the range. Any other modifications to a firearm that increase the rate of fire may or may not be permitted at the discretion of our Chief Range Safety Officer.

Shotguns, rifles, or AR-style pistols without a stock to shoulder cannot be used on the range.

All firearms must have sights or an optic to be fired on the range.

We reserves the right to deny the use of targets on the range that may be deemed offensive or unsafe.

Food, beverages, and tobacco are not allowed in the firing area. Smoking or vaping is strictly prohibited on premises.

For everyone’s safety

 Firing a shot that results in damage to any range equipment may result in a repair fee and/or immediate removal from the range.

We reserve the right to refuse any individual who, in our judgment, would endanger the safety of our staff or patrons. Any unsafe conduct may result in immediate dismissal from the range without a refund.

We have the final authority on the range.

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